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  • Angled

  • Micro-Mini

  • Straight

Sinus Lift Balloon

It's a surgical device for transitional use, with the purpose of detachment and elevation of the sinus mucosa. This is an inflatable "miniballoon" connected to a "Luer" syringe. Once inflated with saline, it will promote detachment and sinus mucosa elevation. The BSL provides a less traumatic technique, which requires an osteotomy in the side wall of the sinus cavity not more than 6mm in diameter. 
• Easy to use: Osteotomy in both crestal and lateral window no greater than 6mm diameter
• Versatile: Available in 3 single-use tips: Angled (lateral window/Caldwell-Luc), Straight (crestal/Summers) and Micro-mini (crestal/Summers)
• Minimally Invasive: assists in performing atraumatic sinus membrane elevations reducing the incidence ofperforation
• Lifts the Schneiderian membrane gently and uniformly